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I pride myself on the great products and service that I am able to provide through Bellaroo.  Below are just a few of the lovely emails I've received over the years...

Thanks for the prompt email and the great service of sending out the B-Buckle. Will definately be shopping online with you again.  -C. Baker

Just wanted to congratulate you on some very speedy service!  I went on line on Monday to look at Nappy bags and purchased a JP Lizzy bag which arrived today.  Fantastically quick delivery and the website was a dream to use.  You have some wonderful products on there!  -K. Hanley
Just thought I'd let you know the Dino backpack arrived last week and it is sooo gorgeous...  Thank you for your quick service!!!  I have your site bookmarked :-)  -A. Vink
Thanks for the prompt delivery and great product :)  -M. Baron
Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I was with the items I got from you off Trade Me! Thank you so much for also including the little hat - it's for my brothers first baby, due in July and he was so pleased when I showed him the hat, he thought it was just the cutest thing. Thank you so much for being so easy to trade with, best of luck in the future.  -A. Burns-Francis
Thanks for the fantastic service- I'm so impressed. It arrived today in my mailbox and works great! Once the bub arrives I will definitely look into one of your cool slings!  -M. Laaper
I bought a peanut shell sling from you a while ago and am finding it fantastic...by the way..so many people have stopped me - both to exclaim -" oh there's a baby in there!" or "So cute" (usually elderly people) and often they think it is such a great idea. Also mothers to be ask me how I find using it and where to get them etc.. So I have often directed them to your site.  I have found the sling so useful particularly with a 3 year old that you need to keep both arms out to help in crossing roads, at the shops etc. So thanks. 
-J. Tapp
It really is a fantastic sling. My little man had reflux & needed to be kept upright so the peanut shell was better than many of the looser sling models eg natures sway. I was also able to hold him close to me in it which we both loved. He always fell asleep when inside it & I cooked dinner wearing him in it most nights for a good few months. The fabric patterns are very funky too. I'll definitely be bringing it out again if I have another one!  -L. Martin 
I was delighted to receive my Dante Beatrix bag today. The colours are a little different to what I expected (looks more black than brown on the website) but I still love it! Thanks for the super prompt delivery!  -M. Baron
I have one of your peanut shell slings, the Boho Chic to be precise. I've just  just started using it a lot, now that my daughter is 4 months old. She wasn't very happy in it before but now she loves it as she sits on my hip and can watch the world. I just want to say Thanks! It's brilliant and people  ask me where I got it from. They  commend on the fabric too! I'm going to Europe with a stopover in Singapore next week and I know it will save my life.    Thanks again.  - M. Chouchoumi
Thanx for the peanut, we love it !  -J. Saussey
 I just wanted to say that you have an amazing quick service and i recived my package today at lunch time and love the socks, Thank you so much, you'll be pleased to know that i have told all my friends about you quick and fantastic service.  -Mina
Thanks so much, you have lovely items on your auctions and website!! - N. King
I have just spoken to my friends in Christchurch and they said that it has arrived and that it looked wonderful, so thank you for your service it was great.  They also said that their new born son really likes the rattles/toys that you supplied. I will be deffinitely be coming back.  - T. Harris

Postie delivered it today - and it's perfect! Thanks a lot. -K. Walker (Bellaroo's very first order, Dec 06