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Sophie La Giraffe - Part 1

Nicky Craig Bellaroo NZ - Friday, July 31, 2015
I had heard a lot about this popular natural rubber teething toy, Sophie La Giraffe. I always wondered is it just the big hype and advertising that makes her so popular.  I read how that little giraffe had been around for over 50 years! So of course I ordered one to see what I was missing out on otherwise, no actually my baby was missing out on. I knew being European the quality would be good and she's French so she will have charm.  When the parcel arrived, I opened it and thought it looks simple...and I believe that's exactly it!

Simple, effective, charming, loveable,...end of story!

My son instantly loved her, the feeling and the chewiness of her.  The giraffe is just the right size, texture and the right weight for little baby hands.  We have since purchased the "soft" Sophie comforter which instantly became his night time getting to sleep support and best buddy. My little feller loves chewing on her feet and horns and eventually falls asleep holding Sophie in his cute mouth.  In fact he loves her that much I had to buy another one so I could wash her with out him knowing.  Sophie goes everywhere with him
As a mum, I can truly recommend the Sophie la Giraffe toys. Be assured that they really do make a difference in baby comforting, stimulation and teething.  The high standard of quality and safety that went into development and production.  Every rubber Sophie is hand painted and therefore unique.

Once you buy your first Sophie toy for your child you will understand what you've just read.

You can choose from variety of Sophie la giraffe toys on our website: www.bellaroo.co.nz as well as other gift ideas for mum, baby and child.

All the best, Nicky and the Bellaroo team.

Insulated Lunch Boxes and Drawstring bags -NEW-

Belinda Lee - Friday, May 21, 2010
A box arrived on my doorstep today with some great new Insulated Lunch boxes and Waterproof Drawstring Bags, new to Bellaroo!!! Yah!!
The Fourpeas Range of  toddler backpacks, Insulated Lunchboxes and Drawstring bag are phthalate free, PVC Free and totally safe for your child!
The Lunch Boxes ($29.90) have PVC & PHTHALATE FREE INSULATION to keep hot things hot, and cool things cool with an easy to clean interior!
They zip open and shut and have a wee handle perfect for little hands to hold! They are big enough to hold sandwiches, apple, yoghurt, crackers and cheese and a small drink, or whatever you wee one desires!! Dimensions are 19cm each side, and 9 cm deep. Perfect for fitting into a backpack or bag, or just carry them on their own... (that's what my kids insist on..!) To see more Click Here

The Drawstring bags are fully lined, and waterproof.. also PVC & PHTHALATE FREE! They are so useful as swimming bags, beach bags, library bags, activity bags.... and so much more!  They make a great gift for preschooler, toddler or older child. They can be worn as a backpack or carried as a shoulder bag... They cost $32.

March Newsletter - gorgeous new products + check out our press!

Sandra Wilson - Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I've been so slack with the newsletters lately - sorry! I've taken on more than I should have in the new year so some things have been falling a bit behind (you've heard it before and probably from me!). 

Hopefully you are all now Facebook fans and have been taking advantage of our awesome specials, giveaways and weekly updates.  Recently we had a Facebook only sale for 40% off all our products!  If you haven't signed up yet - hurry up! :) Click HERE to become our fan….we will be giving away a Diapees & Wipees nappy pouch when we reach 450 fans!

Anyway, thought now would be a good time to tell you about some of our new products which are in stock or on their way.  And also we’ve gotten a bit of press over the last few months so here’s the goss…

Enjoy and call or email me with any questions!

xx Sandra


New Peanut Shell Baby Slings on their way! 


  • Can be worn in 5 different positions
  • Lots of designer fabric options to choose from
  • Practical and fashionable
  • A great way to bond with bubs
  • Starting at just $49

New Diapees & Wipees nappy pouches are on their way – 4 new prints!


  • A great little carrier for the essentials
  • No need to carry the nappy bag for short trips
  • Gorgeous designer prints
  • Check out why celebrities love them
  • Only $28

Our very cool Four Peas toddler backpacks were featured in the February issue of Littlies magazine!  We’re very proud. J


  • 8 prints/designs to choose from
  • Lots for girls and boys too!
  • Perfectly sized for little toddlers (2 – 5 years old)
  • $39.90

Baby Elephant Ears were also featured in Littlies’ March issue!  Our awesome products are being recognized and we are thrilled!


  • Head and neck support for newborns and upwards!
  • Gorgeous prints
  • Only $36

Just for fun….check out Twilight hottie, Cam Gigandet, carrying his gorgeous baby daughter in a pouch baby sling!!  Even Dads are getting into the sling craze. J




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