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Check out this cool Bubbalino Bibette review!

Belinda Lee - Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Check out this review for the Bubbalino Bibette! So cool to hear of people loving products we sell.!!

"Last week Zoe received her very first Bibette. The Bubbalino Bibette is a stylish dribble bib for little droolers like Zoe, who's mothers would rather not have a giant icky bib spoiling their little one's nice outfit (that's me!). I had seen these a while ago and wondered if they would be super handy for Zoe when she's teething, but also to hide her strawberry birthmark on the back of her neck.

So off we went to Great Ma's birthday lunch at Petals 'n' Pots in Pukekohe, with Zoe sporting her new (and matching) Bibette. I thought this would be the perfect test to see how the Bibette survived during a lunch with lots of awake-time and upright-time sitting on countless laps.

I really love dressing her in red so I got a Bibette with a red pattern so that it would match most of her nice clothes. She looked so cute in it, it didn't look like a bib at all, it was more like a little scarf or part of her outfit. I thought she looked really cool actually, like I'd put heaps of effort into dressing her up for the little lunch! tee hee!"

New Bubbalino Dribble Bibs

Belinda Lee - Saturday, May 15, 2010

Check out my beautiful Boy modelling our funky new Bubbalino Dribble Bibs! He was so chuffed with himself and just knew he looked super cute! Big sis had to get in too! There are 3 new Bibettes in stock,And the vintage fabrics are just so groovy! Lollipop, chocolate stripe and sprinkles!! Check them out here. They are only $22 (without trim) and $26 ( Florals with trim) and make such a great baby shower gift, ao new baby present as they are so unique and so super gorgeous!

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