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'Spotted' Breast Feeding Pillow now Available in Conjunction with 'World Breast Feeding Week' and 'The Big Latch On'

Jennifer Tapper - Sunday, August 05, 2012
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In conjunction with World Breast Feeding Week and the Big Latch On, we have an exclusive Breast Feeding Pillow - available for the month of August only. And as a special treat, if you purchase the 'Spotted' pillow during August, you will receive a free 'This Side Next' breastfeeding wrist band and a sample of our popular Multi Healing Balm - perfect for cracked nipples, nappy rash and much more!

The Babybaby Feeding Pillow has been a favorite among mums since its inception eight years ago. Its unique 'U' shape ensures this feeding pillow moulds to baby and you, easily, comfortably and correctly. The larger than most surface size means you can use it to feed your infant longer than smaller feeding supports allow.

Filled with polystyrene beans which are incased in there own inner means you control the height and comfort of the pillow depending on your needs and that of your child.

It comes in a machine washable, pre-shrunk 100% patterned cotton top with black cotton base, chosen to fit with your living room furnishings.

  • Great for breast feeding and establishing correct feeding position for mother and baby.
  • Supports mothers back during feeding preventing future back problems.
  • Due to correct feeding position for baby, helps prevent feeding associated problems.
  • A 'Must Have' for Breast feeding twins simultaneously.
  • Supports the back of support people holding baby - great for partners and children.
  • Supports baby while she is learning to sit.
  • Back support for bed ridden adults.
  • Machine washable and dries in no time.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Tips on using the BabyBaby Breast Feeding Pillow

Breast Feeding does not always come naturally and it takes time to learn the correct position most comfortable for you and your baby. The mistake many mothers make is to lean forward to accommodate the child which can leave you with back and neck damage. By using a support like the BabyBaby Feeding Pillow you bring baby to you so she is at the correct height and position for latching and your back is straight and comfortable.

• Position yourself in the middle of the couch or a big chair to begin with. Make sure you give yourself plenty of room.
• Ensure sure both feet can sit flat on the ground, you may need a cushion placed in the small of your back to be able to do this while having your back still supported against the back of the chair.
• Sit with your back up straight, making sure you are well supported and comfortable.
• Place BabyBaby Feeding Pillow on your knees. We fill the feeding pillow to maximum capacity so you may wish to remove some beans if you feel the pillow is too high, however, remember baby needs to be at eye level with your breast.
• Place baby on the feeding pillow in any feeding position including ‘football hold’. For football hold you may prefer to angle the feeding pillow so that the ‘u’ is sitting on your hip and baby gets the full length of the pillow.
• Ensure Baby’s body is against yours. Feet, hips, and shoulders should be in line with your front.
• Ensure her nose is in line with your nipple. Her chin should touch the breast first. With her mouth open wide, she is ready to latch. Take care not to push her head into you just nudge her gently and she will get it.
• If you need to remove baby from breast to reposition her gently put her little finger in the corner of her mouth to release suction.
• If baby likes to use her hands while you are trying to get her latched you can wrap her so her arms are out of the way.

Feeding Pillow Care Instructions.

The BabyBaby Feeding Pillow is easy care as we know you have better things to do than worry about the washing!

  • Machine wash ,hot 140°F (60°C).
  • Do not bleach.
  • Tumble dry, normal.
  • Iron, high temperature.
  • Do not dryclean.
If the beans get wet remove the outer cover but keep them in the inner and hang on the clothes line until dry.

What to have close at hand when breast feeding.
• Water bottle – you will get very thirsty.
• Snacks - just when you sit down and get her latched is when you will realize that you have missed breakfast and lunch.
• Pacifier (if baby uses one) if she falls asleep after burping you can put the pacifier in and gently tuck her into bed without waking her.
• Telephone – you know it will ring the minute you get her latched.
• Remote control or book. A new born can feed for a very long time so make sure you have something to keep you occupied besides marveling at your baby.
• Distraction for siblings - if you have other children you may want a pile of children’s books or toys within easy reach so you can entertain the little one while breastfeeding the baby.

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