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Our newest addition...merino handknits

Sandra Wilson - Friday, October 23, 2009

Bellaroo is not a one stop shop, for that you need Baby City! :)  Because we are not one size fits all type of outlet I am really selective about what I add to my shop.

The most recent addition, and one that I'm very excited about it, is this beautiful line of merino and organic merino knitwear. Handknitted right here in New Zealand. 

Knitwear has had a sort of renaissance.  It no longer has to mean the peach or mauve coloured acrylic jumpers knitted by a well meaning relative (I say this from experience....I can still picture them now, yuck). 

Instead, this gorgeous line uses only top quality 100% NZ merino wool or NZ certified organic merino wool to knit these vintage inspired beanies and headbands.

Merino wool is light weight, soft and non irritating to babies delicate skin. The added benefit of Organic wool is the absence of pesticides, and other chemicals including dyes. 

The organic wool in these products is certified by Biogro New Zealand.

So check out our latest addition of Merino Hand Knits.  They are real heirloom pieces that will be treasured for generations and make an ideal gift for friends and family overseas.


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