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New Lily and George products and fabulous low prices

Belinda Lee - Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Lily and George Woodland Tails cotton blanket $25 can be used in a number of ways, as a throw in the buggy or carseat, as a wrap, as a playmat or simply as a blanket. This Woodland Tails cotton blanket is so adorable and would make the perfect gift.
100% cotton and easy to wash.

Size 840x840.

Lily and George Dinner set gorgeously presented in a cute gift box. Contains plate, bowl, cup, spoon and fork and round gift box 

New Bubbalino Dribble Bibs

Belinda Lee - Saturday, May 15, 2010

Check out my beautiful Boy modelling our funky new Bubbalino Dribble Bibs! He was so chuffed with himself and just knew he looked super cute! Big sis had to get in too! There are 3 new Bibettes in stock,And the vintage fabrics are just so groovy! Lollipop, chocolate stripe and sprinkles!! Check them out here. They are only $22 (without trim) and $26 ( Florals with trim) and make such a great baby shower gift, ao new baby present as they are so unique and so super gorgeous!

Bubbalino dribble bib review!

Belinda Lee - Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Check out this awsome review of Bubbalino bibettes! Anyone in need of a dribble bib for your wee bub, look no further!

The drool is on

26 April 2010

My little boy has got his drool on. Seriously. A mere few minutes without a bib, and he’s soaked through. Of course, I’ve been on the search for something stylish for him. He’s a fashionable little guy already, and he needs to look good for the ladies!

Where my search had led is Bubbalino Bibittes. Stylish, chic, modern, and well, frankly, good enough to drool over. Not only all of this, but designed and made in good old New Zealand.


Bubbalino’s Little Lads range of bibettes have particularly taken my eye, with their tie inspired fabrics perfect for a day at the office (aka a day playing a bit rough and tumble). Their three other bibette ranges can’t be passed by either – the gorgeous frilled Vintage Florals, the bold and vibrant Fun House, and the classic and neutral Vanilla Sundae.

Of course, they are also practical – the designer prints are backed with soft cotton wincyette “to ensure a gentle brush against baby’s delicate skin” and they have 3 size adjustments to make sure you can get the perfect fit for catching those spills and drools.

Individual bibs start from $22 NZD each


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