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Why Wear Your Baby?

Sandra Wilson - Wednesday, December 16, 2009
This was written by Amy, the owner and creater of the Popit Baby Wrap.  The Popit Wrap is another option for babywearing in addition to pouch baby slings, ring slings, Mei Tais and other soft baby carriers.  Each carrier has it's pros and cons.  Ultimately, we encourage babywearing as a convenient way to bond and nurture your baby.  The carrier you choose is up to you!


Why would I wear my baby?

I get lots of parents asking me this question and wondering how often they would use a Popit Wrap. To wear your baby (babywearing) simply means holding or carrying your baby or young child using a baby carrier.

I first was introduced to babywearing when my eldest was teething at about 5 months. I couldn’t constantly stop what I was doing to cuddle her so being able carry her around was just wonderful (both for me and my daughter). I have come to love babywearing and I’m sure that I will miss it dearly when my kids are beyond being worn.

Here are the main reasons you might babywear:
  1. Practical – The Popit Wrap is practical on so many levels, it can save you from having to use a stroller, give you freedom of movement around home, and allow your baby to sleep while life goes on around them.

  2. Sleep – the Popit Wrap is great way for baby to sleep and they can sleep with you anytime or anyplace.

  3. Happier – babies are often happy being held and a happy baby brings peace to any household.

  4. Hands free – the baby is held securely allowing parents to be hands free to get on with their day to day activities, whether that be shopping, cooking, or working.

  5. Comfortable - Babywearing in a Popit Wrap is the most comfortable easy way to hold your baby. It is not only easier on the parents back and arms but the baby will also be more comfortable.

  6. Bonding – The Popit Wrap allows both you and your partner (or even grandparents and friends) to bond with the baby so the nurturing of baby can be shared.

  7. Cuddles – this is one of the best and most rewarding benefits of wearing your baby – you get wonderful cuddles, and the smiles and precious moments you will have with your baby are heart warming.

  8. Reflux and colic babies benefit from being held upright. Because many babies digestive systems are not fully developed the stomach acids can come back up causing the baby pain and discomfort. Having your baby upright in the wrap allows the stomach acids to stay where they should.

  9. Breastfeeding – not only does babywearing allow easy access for breastfeeding but it also means that you can feed discreetly.

    Not everyone wants to wear their baby all the time but the huge practicalities that the Popit wrap offers means that even if you only use it when going out it's cheaper and more effective than a buggy (and significantly less hassle). 

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