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Sophie La Giraffe - Part 1

Nicky Craig Bellaroo NZ - Friday, July 31, 2015
I had heard a lot about this popular natural rubber teething toy, Sophie La Giraffe. I always wondered is it just the big hype and advertising that makes her so popular.  I read how that little giraffe had been around for over 50 years! So of course I ordered one to see what I was missing out on otherwise, no actually my baby was missing out on. I knew being European the quality would be good and she's French so she will have charm.  When the parcel arrived, I opened it and thought it looks simple...and I believe that's exactly it!

Simple, effective, charming, loveable,...end of story!

My son instantly loved her, the feeling and the chewiness of her.  The giraffe is just the right size, texture and the right weight for little baby hands.  We have since purchased the "soft" Sophie comforter which instantly became his night time getting to sleep support and best buddy. My little feller loves chewing on her feet and horns and eventually falls asleep holding Sophie in his cute mouth.  In fact he loves her that much I had to buy another one so I could wash her with out him knowing.  Sophie goes everywhere with him
As a mum, I can truly recommend the Sophie la Giraffe toys. Be assured that they really do make a difference in baby comforting, stimulation and teething.  The high standard of quality and safety that went into development and production.  Every rubber Sophie is hand painted and therefore unique.

Once you buy your first Sophie toy for your child you will understand what you've just read.

You can choose from variety of Sophie la giraffe toys on our website: www.bellaroo.co.nz as well as other gift ideas for mum, baby and child.

All the best, Nicky and the Bellaroo team.

Infant Head support "baby Elephant Ears" In stock!

Belinda Lee - Friday, April 02, 2010

 Baby Elephant Ears

Our fanastic baby head support ' Baby Elephant Ears' are now back in stock! These are chiropractor inspired, mum designed and are  made from designer fabrics.. they look so cute are brilliantly useful! Your baby's head will no longer flop from side to side and will be held nicely in place by these gorgeous 'Baby Elephant Ears'. They do not attach to the car seat, capsule or pram, but just sit neatly behind baby's neck, (there is no padding in there, so does not push the head forward at all) and can be easily transfered from car to pram. What a brilliant idea! Would make a fantastic baby shower present, or baby gift! Click Here to see more. To read more detail see march 11 Blog details: FAQ about Baby Elephant ears.

Bellaroo featured in Littlies magazine!

Sandra Wilson - Monday, December 07, 2009

The December issue of Littlies features Bellaroo's new Pouch Baby Sling collection in the "freebies" section!  We are giving 5 of our very fashionable and practical baby slings to some Littlies readers - to register for your free sling, check out the December issue of Littlies.

Bellaroo slings practical, convenient, a great way to bond with baby and keep your hands free for very important things - like other children!  Our Bellaroo Pouch Baby Slings are handmade in New Zealand, and created in limited runs so you know you are getting a unique, quality and beautiful product.

We also offer custom slings if you do not fit into the standard sizing category.  Just give us a call or email and we can have a chat!

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