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Peanut Shell slings at reduced prices & new ring slings in stock now!

Sandra Wilson - Monday, July 27, 2009

First, did you see some of our fabulous products showcased on the Good Morning show?!  (24 July)  The host, Sarah, especially loved our awesome PouchMISS and b-buckle.  We were very excited to to hear Bellaroo's name as well as seeing the enthusiasm the hosts showed towards our products.  In addition to the PouchMISS and b-buckle, they also showed off our beautiful Peanut Shell slings and Diapees and Wipees nappy pouch.  So cool!

We have also just started stocking some gorgeous new ring slings.  They are 100 % cotton, have strong aluminium rings, cool patterns and an amazing price.  We have started with three new patterns and will be expanding soon.  Ring slings are great because they are fully adjustable. They are ideal for those who want to share their slings with a partner or a caregiver.  Slings really settle babies and keep mums "hands free" so that we can actually get some stuff done or tend to older children.  Check out our range of ring and pouch slings online. 

(don't let the photo of the tired lady(me) scare you off - they are beautiful!)

As always, the Peanut Shell slings are still a big seller and we were lucky enough to get a great deal from Peanut Shell which we are passing on to you!  They are starting at $77!!! Peanut Shell's usually start at $98 so this is an amazing deal.  Don't miss out.

The PouchMISS has been an absolute hit with our customers so we have ordered more stock so no one misses out.  Check out the PouchMISS on our site, it's so cool, and so so practical.  Only a woman (and mother) could have thought of it!  It's a great price too, which in these lean times, is important to all of us Mums.  Also, congrats to Lee M. of Mt Maunganui for winning our PouchMISS competition. 

Bellaroo's products on Good Morning show!

Sandra Wilson - Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hi all,

I hope all of you saw us (or rather, our products) on the Good Morning tv show this morning.   If you missed it....here's the scoop.

The Good Morning show goodie bag was full of Bellaroo's all time favourite products - a chic Peanut Shell sling, a cool Caribe Disco Dot Diapees & Wipees nappy pouch, a b-buckle and finally our super snazzy organiser, the PouchMISS, which turns your handbag into a nappy bag!

It was great to see the enthusiasm the hosts had for our products and Sarah, the female host, especially loved the PouchMISS and the b-buckle.  I thought you might be interested to know more about these two products.

The PouchMISS is such a great product.  It's this great insert that basically organises everything you need for you and bubs to get out of the house.  You slip it into your oversize hand bag and voila! - it's a nappy bag in disguise.  I know many of you like that idea as the novelty of a nappy bag wears off rather quickly.  The PouchMISS is very affordable too - only $43.95!

The PouchMISS

The b-buckle is a waist expander for jeans and other trousers with belt loops.  It's a great way to get more wear out of your favourite jeans and delay the inevitable transition to the dreaded maternity jeans.  They are also great for when you are getting back into your jeans after you have baby.  The b-buckle loops through your belt loops, snaps, and looks chic and trendy.  It's a perfect gift for a friend or for yourself and at a sweet price too - $28.60.

b-buckle - Love

I hope you enjoy checking out our blog and finding out about our very cool, stylish and FUNCTIONAL products!


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