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For those of you that are new to baby wearing, there are two types of Baby Slings: Pouch Baby Slings & Ring Baby Slings - both are available at Bellaroo. Ring Baby Slings are long rectangles of fabric that thread through two rings for adjustability. The tail is the piece of fabric that hangs down from the rings. Pulling on the tail tightens the Baby Sling. While it may take a wee bit longer to get used to your Ring Baby Sling as opposed to the Pouch Baby Slings, their adjustability means a perfect fit with every wearing, regardless of the caregiver. Some young babies prefer the upright, or tummy-to-tummy hold, which can be difficult to achieve in a Pouch Baby Sling. Young babies who cannot hold themselves upright tend to squish down into the pocket of the Pouch Baby Sling. With a Ring Baby Sling, the top rail can be tightened to support a young baby in a vertical position. Some people feel that Ring Baby Slings are easier for breastfeeding, because the whole Baby Sling can be loosened to lower the baby to the breast.

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Rockin Baby Sling, Reversible & Adjustable -Top of the World

  • Price: $99.00
  • WAS: $189.00

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Rockin Baby Sling, Reversible & Adjustable -Top of the World
Rockin Baby Sling, Reversible & Adjustable -Top of the WorldRockin Baby Sling, Reversible & Adjustable -Top of the WorldRockin Baby Sling, Reversible & Adjustable -Top of the World

The Rockin' Baby Sling Mission

For every baby sling purchased, Rockin’ Baby will donate a new baby sling to a mother in need, and educate them on its importance.
Mother to Mother.

Rockin Baby Sling, Reversible & Adjustable - Top of the World

This gorgeous print is a Rockin’ Baby original print with a grey option on the reverse. This sling is 100% cotton.

All the Rockin' Baby slings are 100% cotton and adjustable via the ring. That means that you can make it a little bit smaller as you lose the baby weight or other carers can use the baby sling.  Plus each Rockin' Baby sling has a handy little slot for carrying an extra nappy.

We've loved Rockin' Baby slings ever since they started rockin' the baby sling world with their simple, stylish designs that are great for even beginners. And now they're doing it again with a gorgeous new line of fabrics for their ring baby slings and baby sling pouches, along with a brand new commitment to helping mothers in Haiti.

Thanks to their Mother to Mother Initiative, any baby sling you buy means another will be donated to a Haitian mother in need. Baby slings can actually be the difference of life and death there, where a mother needs to carry her child along to find fresh water and to breastfeed on demand.

This is Rockin’ Baby!

As a mother of 5, American Kathryn Wiley knows the profound effect a mother can have on her young. Armed with the knowledge that Haiti has the highest infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere, Kathryn started a movement. In 2011, she purchased Rockin’ Baby, and decided to evolve the company into a “Mother to Mother” business. Understanding the importance of the bond a mother can share with her infant, Kathryn decided that with every baby sling sold, Rockin’ Baby would donate one baby sling to a mother in need.

But the giving does not stop there! As there are so many cultures that tend to not hold their young, Rockin’ Baby will also educate those mothers on the impact a baby sling can have on their lives. In addition to making it easier to nurture and love, as well as bond and breastfeed, these baby slings will allow mothers to continue to gather food and water for their families. As the attachment of a mother and her infant could be a matter of survival, education and baby slings will impact this need dramatically.

As a mother purchasing a Rockin’ Baby sling today, you are actually giving the gift of life to another mother and her child in Haiti (and eventually beyond). The impact is huge! Now mothers can learn that baby slings can be part of their daily lives, no matter how they struggle with their basic needs. In turn, these babies will be healthier, more attached to their mothers and begin a life more fulfilled and optimistic. From you, to them. Mother to Mother.

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