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All Ring Baby Slings

For those of you that are new to baby wearing, there are two types of Baby Slings: Pouch Baby Slings & Ring Baby Slings - both are available at Bellaroo. Ring Baby Slings are long rectangles of fabric that thread through two rings for adjustability. The tail is the piece of fabric that hangs down from the rings. Pulling on the tail tightens the Baby Sling. While it may take a wee bit longer to get used to your Ring Baby Sling as opposed to the Pouch Baby Slings, their adjustability means a perfect fit with every wearing, regardless of the caregiver. Some young babies prefer the upright, or tummy-to-tummy hold, which can be difficult to achieve in a Pouch Baby Sling. Young babies who cannot hold themselves upright tend to squish down into the pocket of the Pouch Baby Sling. With a Ring Baby Sling, the top rail can be tightened to support a young baby in a vertical position. Some people feel that Ring Baby Slings are easier for breastfeeding, because the whole Baby Sling can be loosened to lower the baby to the breast.

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