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Bellaroo Pouch Baby Slings

Babywearing has been proven to be a very successful method of settling fussy and unsettled babies and hugely assists in parent/baby bonding. Baby slings can be worn by both Mum and Dad, leaving both hands free to carry on with your day. Because baby slings fold up so small, they can easily be taken with you in your handbag or glove box so you never need to be without your essential parenting tool! Whether you are travelling or just pottering around at home, baby slings are the ideal way to discretely breastfeed, while bubs can nap anytime and enjoy being held close and snug. Bellaroo baby slings are pouch style slings, which means there are no buckles, rings or attachments. They are a simple design and worn folded. Once over your shoulder baby slings create a pocket or 'pouch' that the baby lies or sits in and recreates the feeling of being in the mothers womb. Baby slings are suitable for carrying your newborn right through to a toddler (approximately 12kgs).

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