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Merino pouch baby slings have arrived!!

Belinda Lee - Monday, May 24, 2010

New snuggly Merino lined Baby Slings have just arrived!! So perfect for these chilly days we are having! We have quite limited stock so if you are keen on one don't wait around! Available in pink or blue and don't forget, they are great for a hands free way to carry a toddler as well as a newborn! Such good price at $8...5, and can double as a blanket for the pram or carseat!

New Merino Wool lined Bellaroo Baby Slings!!

Belinda Lee - Monday, May 24, 2010
We are working on a range of Merino and cotton Baby slings which will be arriving very soon to Bellaroo.... It's very exciting as there is nothing else quite like them on the market.. they are still the same comfy no-fuss pouch Baby slings that we always have , but lined with a gorgeous soft Merino wool in Pink or Blue.. mmmm!! So soft and warm and cuddly on these cold winter days! Pouch Baby slings are the easiest sling for babywearing and suit a child from newborn (cradle hold) though to around two years old (hip Carry)
The Merino and cotton baby slings are pre shrunk and will 'give' just enough for a comfy fit for Mum (or Dad) and Bub....!

New Bellaroo Slings are on their way!

Belinda Lee - Saturday, April 17, 2010
Our own Bellaroo slings are on their way, check out the fab new fabric designs! Which one is your favorite??  Bellaroo slings are pouch style slings and have no rings, buckles or un-necessary attachments. They are all lined and made from quality 100% cotton fabrics which wash well in the machine and are easy to care for. Slings are a fabulous way to carry your baby hands free and promote a very special bonding between baby and carer. Baby slings are a great present for a new mother, and remember we offer free shipping on all slings. I have a photo shoot planned for next week so will get some photos up very soon with adorable babies, happy snuggled in the slings with their mums!

Feels like the winter is on its way so time to snuggle up to our loved ones by the fire... or in our case the 'heat pump'! LOL... doesn't quite have the same ring does it! Let me know what you think of the new designs, or if you have any requests!

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