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Peanut Shell® Sizing 101

The most important part to successful use of the peanut shell® is to first get the right size.Because there are
so many factors that affect sizing please read through this page prior to ordering to help you find the size that
will work best for you and your baby.

Keep in mind that the even with all of our guidance the "correct" size is what works for you and your baby.
Most people can wear 2 different sizes-as you can in clothes.

Does Size Really Matter?

YES!!! You really need to have the right size. This is the most important step for successful and comfortable

use of the peanut shell®.

If you have a peanut shell® that is too big your baby will not feel secure and will ride too low on your body.

This is not only unsafe for your child but may also lead to back and/or shoulder discomfort.

If the sling is too small you won’t even be able to get the baby in or will feel like you can’t breathe.

Keep in mind that the correct fit of the Peanut Shell® should feel snug with baby inside

and if you are new to sling wearing you may even think it is too small.

Please use the information provided on this page to help you pick the correct size. We have created our chart

over time and with fitting thousands of parents and have found it to be very accurate however as each person is

shaped different and has personal preference that all cannot be accounted for.

How do I know what size to order? Please follow our instructions below:

• Using a soft measuring tape, measure from one shoulder to the OPPOSITE hip bone to help determine your

Peanut Shell® size. Also, measure your upper chest circumference, above the largest part of your bust

(under your armpits);


If you do not have a tape measurer, use a piece of string and a standard ruler (or metal tape measurer)

to measure yourself. For men’s sizing follow the same guidelines.

• Use the chart below to determine your approximate size.

• If you measure in 2 sizes use the additional information under the chart to help you decide which would be a better size

for you and your baby. If you still can’t decide you can buy both sizes and return the one that does not fit within 21 days

for a full refund. This will save you money, time and frustration

Shoulder to hip measurement 20" - 22"
50.8-56 cm
23" - 24"
57-61 cm
25" - 26"
62-66 cm
27" - 29"
67-71 cm
30" - 34"
72-82 cm
Above chest
24" - 29"
61-74 cm
30" - 34"
75-82 cm
34" - 37"
83-91 cm
38" - 42"
92-102 cm
43" - 48"
103-119 cm
Example height
& body types
petite/very short
or very thin
petite to
average or short
average or
tall & thin
tall and average or
shorter and full
full figure
or very tall
Possible cup size B or less can be any can be any can be any C-D or more

Falling into 2 size categories? Here are the reasons to order the smaller size

Falling into 2 size categories? Here are the reasonsto order the larger size

You know you want a snug higher carry You think you want a little wiggle room
You are ordering a micro-fleece sling

You are ordering a cotton stretch sling or

reversible sling

You carry your weight in your lower body or have narrow shoulders

You carry your weight above your waist or

have broad shoulders/back

You have a short torso You have a long torso
You are shorter (under 5’6”) You are tall (over 5’8”)
You will begin wearing your sling with a newborn or an older baby/toddler

You will begin wearing your pouch with an infant

(2-7 months)

You have a small bust You have a larger to full-figured bust
You will mostly be wearing lightweight clothing (tank tops, t-shirts, etc.) with the sling

You will mostly be wearing heavier clothing

(sweaters, sweatshirts, etc) with the sling

You are pregnant and in the later half of your pregnancy (end of 2nd trimester or 3rd trimester)

You are in the beginning of your pregnancy

(up to end of 1st trimester)

I’m pregnant but want to buy a Peanut Shell® now

Our sizing charts offer information to help you measure for the right size during pregnancy. If you are still unsure

what size to get you may purchase a 2nd pouch, compare the 2 sizes with baby inside and then return

whichever peanut shell® does not seem to fit as well.

If you are currently pregnant and trying out your new sling you will probably find that it feels too small.

This is completely normal and we HIGHLY recommend not exchanging until after your baby is born.

It is extremely difficult to determine if the sling will fit correctly until after the baby is born.

You may find that once the belly goes down and with baby inside that the sling is a perfect fit!

However, please keep all original packaging and invoices handy in case you do need to exchange.

Is my Peanut Shell® too big?

With baby inside the sling and with the correct fit the lowest part of baby’s body should hit at your hip bones

or above. If your baby is inside the sling and their body is riding below this, the sling is too big.

If you feel like your baby is not high enough or not secure enough against your body then you may

need to size down. First before that you have the sling on correctly before exchanging your peanut shell®.

Especially with the microfleece you will want to be sure that baby hits above your hip bones.

As they grow a snug fit will be even more necessary.

Is my Peanut Shell® too small?

First, always be sure to try the sling with the baby inside to determine if you have the correct fit.

If you can get your baby in the sling (even if it is a little difficult at first) then you probably have the right size.

It does take a little practice and getting used to, but the sling should fit snug. However you should not feel

uncomfortable or as if you can’t breath because it is so snug. Play around with positioning and keep in

mind that the microfleece will give a bit with wear. Please keep in mind that the baby will look kind of

squished in the cradle carry-this is a good thing and not an indicator that the sling it too small.

As long as baby seems content they are not too squished, it just looks that way to us.

If you still have questions, give us a shout at info@bellaroo.co.nz or 021 349 263

Sling Too Big: Correct Fit:
* Baby rides too low, below your hip bones * You and baby are comfortable
* Your baby does not feel secure and snug in the pouch

* Baby is in line or

above your hip bone

* Baby feels snuggly supported

in the pouch